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Frequently asked questions

How to book a Tattoo Appointment?

1. Select your tattoo design, meaure it in Inches & select the area you wish to place it. (e.g Leg, arm, neck, ect.) 2. Select a tattoo artist of your choice and send them all the info you would of collected. 3. Arrange your date & time for your tattoo appointment to confirm your booking and thats it.

Whats the legal age to get a Tattoo?

18yrs is the legal age to get a tattoo, however some shops may have different policies.

Whats the cost of a Tattoo?

The final price of a tattoo depends on the Size & Design of the tattoo you select along with the Artist.

How can a Tattoo artist be apart of

Email or Whatsapp us your : 1. Name 2. Studio Name 3. Ten (10) pictures of your work To 1868-336-7562 | Your information will then be reviewed, once confirmed you will be able to register.



InkedNProud was established in 2014 by founder and CEO Dominic Jaglal. This organization was created to provide a platform for Tattoo Artists and by extension all body art entrepreneurs to showcase their talent as well as boost their clientele. Over the years Inked N Proud has been the leading force for the Tattoo industry by use of Tattoo Fest, a forum established for Artists in Trinidad & Tobago, recently in Barbados and in the near future for St Lucia. Tattoo Fest was born in Trinidad and Tobago and endeavors to conquer both inter-Caribbean as well as internationals borders.

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