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NAME: Ramon (Aka Geera Pork)

STUDIO: Mad Men Ink

LOCATION; Studio FX, #32 EMR St Agustine

CONTACT: 1868-305-9588

1. HOW DID YOU DISCOUVER TATTOOING ? : I started tattooing when I went for my 1st tattoo and wasn't pleased by the outcome. I then decided based on my artistic background that I would be good at it if i tried and I began my tattoo career at 20.

2. WHAT'S YOUR TATTOOING STYLE & HOW DID YOU DISCOUVER IT? : I typically do all styles of tattooing however throughout the years my favorite styles of tattooing  have been: Illustrative, Neo Traditionally, Japanese.

3. HOW LONG HAVE YOU BEEN TATTOOING & WHAT KEEPS YOU INSPIRED? : I've been tattooing for 8yrs now. Good competition keeps me as well as international professional artists keeps me inspired to be better.




Tattoo Fest Barbados

Date: TBA

Time: 1pm- 10pm

Location: Lloyd Erskin Sandiford Center

Tickets: $30 BBD


Tattoo Fest Trinidad

Date: TBA

Time: 2pm- 10pm

Location: Center Of Excellence

Tickets: $50 TT



Tattoo Fest St Lucia

Date: TBA

Time: TBA

Location: TBA

Tickets: $30 EC



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